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closeup of Grecian painting depicting soldier bandaging another's arm

CSI Troy — Before There Was Hippocrates, There Was Homer

A classicist chases down the origins of early anatomical description in Homer’s Iliad.

comic book cover depicting man running from zombie

From Kinshasa to Gainesville

How comics of the Congo came to the libraries of UF.

illustration of young boy with backpack facing away, against orange background

Sticks and Stones

UF experts explain how research can address school and interpersonal violence.

rendering of studded round virus

Disease by the Numbers

UF professor uses mathematical models to explain viral dynamics and drug resistance.

American Tales

Get to know the history of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and the generations of students its helped teach the value of archiving oral histories.

closeup of fuzzy little moss plant

Lil’ Mosses

how to interview and archive oral histories but also how to do scholarly research.

red ringed rendering of black hole

The Deepest Well in the Universe

UF astrophysicist studies the magnetic fields and cosmic streams pouring out of a black hole.

group of four people standing under Spanish moss-drenched trees by idyllic lake

We Are All Archie Carr’s Children

Learn how the Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research at UF carries on Archie Carr's work and legacy.

Jack Davis

Faculty Profile — Jack Davis, History

Get to know Pulitzer Prize Winner Jack Davis.

young woman sits on rock on jungly shoreline of vast lake

Student Profile — Olivia Allen ’19

Get to know psychology major Olivia Allen.

Stephen Hawking in chair as young girl swings on tree swing in background

His Brief History in Time

UF Professor of Physics Bernard Whiting remembers his friend Stephen Hawking.

woman holding bra

Entrepreneurs and Innovators — Lea Blackwell ’96

Breast surgical oncologist Lea Blackwell has been treating both women and men with breast cancer since 2008. Wanting to find a way to make their recovery more comfortable, she developed the Blackwell Bra.

man standing in front of city skyline and water

Alumni Profile — James Grippando ’80, JD’82

Author James Grippando ’80, JD’82 won the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction in 2017 for his novel Gone Again.