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Discovery Can Predict ‘Hot Moments’ for High Water

A newly discovered pattern in sunny-day flooding related to sea-level rise could help coastal communities predict and plan for future high-water events.

Clifford Will

Clifford Will Receives Einstein Prize

Physics Professor Clifford Will received the 2021 Einstein Prize from the American Physical Society.

What Greenland’s Streams Tell Us About Climate Change

A team of UF researchers received $2.2 million from the National Science Foundation to study streams formed by melting glaciers.

Putting Einstein to the Test

Physics professor Clifford Will's new book takes a close look at Einstein's most famous theories.



Small Packages

A team of UF researchers find a unique connection between humans and the Bahamian hutia.

Katy Serafin

Geography Professor Analyzes Impact of San Francisco Bay Area Coastal Flooding on Commutes

Geography professor Katy Serafin projects how coastal flooding will impact commutes in the San Francisco Bay Area over the next 20 years.

wei david wei

Can Sunlight Solve the Global Energy Crisis?

New research from professor Wei David Wei makes the case that using sunlight to promote chemical reactions could be a unique way to address the global energy crisis.

HTV-9 launch

Aboard the International Space Station, Super-Resolution Camera to Capture Images of Earth

A UF Astronomy team's camera can capture a snapshot of the entire Earth in half an hour.

How Genetics Guide the Evolution of Language

UF Linguist Kevin Tang's research adds a new dimension to our understanding of language change.

Guinea Pig

Uncovering the Origin of the Domesticated Guinea Pig

New sheds light on how guinea pigs came to be found around the world and offers tantalizing clues for how they came to be domesticated.

Social distancing

Model Shows How Masks and Social Distancing Could Control Coronavirus

Non-pharmaceutical measures could control the coronavirus, but only if done right.


Crocodile Talk

Kent Vliet thinks crocodilians get a bad rap.