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  • Libris – February 2015

    book cover for The Male Clock

    The Male Clock: A Futuristic Novel about a Fertility Crisis, Gender Politics, and Identity

    edited by
    When A Bright Light Fades

    Astronomer Charles Telesco is primarily interested in the creation of planets and stars. So, when the University of Florida’s giant telescope was pointed at a star undergoing a magnificent and explosive death, Telesco, a UF professor, didn’t immediately appreciate what ...

  • Decoding the Tree of Life

    UF geneticist contributes to groundbreaking study of bird evolution

    Nature abhors a vacuum, which may explain the findings of a new study showing that bird evolution exploded 65 million years ago when nearly everything else on earth — dinosaurs included — ...

  • The Human Touch

    New research suggests animals prefer human connections

    What do animals really want? A new study from the University of Florida suggests it might be human contact, at least in the case of some Galapagos tortoises.

    Lindsay Mehrkam, a UF doctoral student in ...

  • As Elephants Go, So Do the Trees

    Research shows hunting can have catastrophic effects on tropical forests.

    Overhunting has been disastrous for elephants, but their forest habitats have also been caught in the crossfire.

    A first-of-its-kind study led by researchers at the University of Florida shows that the dramatic ...

  • Libris – November 2014

    book cover for Home Fires: How Americans Kept Warm in the Nineteenth Century

    Home Fires: How Americans Kept Warm in the Nineteenth Century

    Sean Patrick Adams
    Sean ...

  • Ebola May Be Creating Its Own Immunity

    The spread of Ebola in West Africa reveals two truths: The disease is swift, and it is devastating. Amid the chaos of deadly outbreak, researchers say another truth may exist: The disease might be quietly inoculating a significant portion of ...

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