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  • Gator Good — Buffy Cushman-Patz

    Alumna establishes a public charter school for sustainability in Hawaii.

  • The X-Labs

    A new science paradigm for an interdisciplinary world.

  • The Starving Snakes of Seahorse Key

    Mysteriously vanished waterbirds. Cannibalistic snakes. An island with no freshwater except for rainfall. It may sound like a Crichton novel or SyFy original movie, but it’s the reality of Seahorse Key, part of the Gulf Coast Cedar Keys that University ...

  • Solving Cosmic Puzzles

    Neutron stars are dead stars collapsed into the densest form of matter known to humans, with a teaspoon of neutron star matter weighing a billion tons, and their collision creates a swath of galactic debris. Decades ago, stargazing scientists formed ...

  • Bones Got Bite

    Anthropological analysis of shark bites provides a new standard for forensic science.

  • A Route to Recovery

    UF psychologist Lori Knackstedt studies an antibiotic that may cure cocaine addiction.

    Lori Knackstedt, professor of psychology, is seven years deep into research that’s yielded some surprising results: in cocaine-addicted rats, an antibiotic reduces their drug-seeking behavior and may prevent relapse. ...

  • From K–T to Kermit

    Among UF’s renowned team of extinction experts is David Blackburn, whose appreciation for frogs has led to his work on a groundbreaking new study. A paper published in July in the Proceedings of the National Academy of ...