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  • Meet Raul Sanchez

    In 2017, I published my second book, Inside the Subject: A Theory of Identity for the Study of Writing. It develops a theory of identity for use by scholars and researchers who study writing from postmodern perspectives. Historically, in the ...

  • Exploring Strange New Worlds: “Star Trek” Planet Vulcan Found

    Among the TV series Star Trek’s many charms are its rich universe of characters and planets. Now, the Dharma Planet Survey, in a new study led by University of Florida (UF) astronomer Jian Ge and team including Tennessee State University ...

  • Ancient Mayan deforestation had long-term effects on watershed carbon cycles

    Researchers: Mark Brenner,, 352-392-7226, Jason Curtis,
    PIO: Rachel Wayne, 352-872-2620

    The lowlands of Mexico and Guatemala experienced widespread deforestation by the Maya beginning about 4,000 years ago. The region has never fully recovered. Ancient Maya environmental impact provides a ...

  • Tracking Unseen Dengue

    Researcher: Derek Cummings, 410-916-1371
    PIO: Rachel Wayne, 352-872-2620


    For many viruses, contracting the pathogen can have a silver lining: the subsequent antibodies confer immunity against future infection. Not so for dengue, a remarkably common and occasionally fatal mosquito-borne disease that affects ...

  • Goldwater Scholars

    University of Florida student Aaron Sandoval, a sophomore, has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year. Andrew Sack, a junior, was recognized with an Honorable Mention. Both are members of the UF Honors Program.

    Sandoval is a biology ...

  • ADMX announces breakthrough in axion dark matter detection technology

    Forty years ago, scientists theorized a new kind of low-mass particle that could solve one of the enduring mysteries of nature: what dark matter is made of. Now the search for that particle has begun in earnest.

  • Breaking the Silence

    The Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research welcomes Professor Maddy Coy, who is introducing a new undergraduate course, Violence Against Women, this semester. As sexual harassment and assault continued to be trending topics in the international conversation, it’s ...

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