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African Americans in Paris Spring Break Class

During the 2018 spring break in March, Dr. Sharon Austin accompanied 13 students to Paris for the African Americans in Paris class.  This was the fifth consecutive year the class was offered.  The students watched online lectures, read materials, completed papers, and took an exam before traveling to France.  While there, they listened to lectures and visited several historic sites of significance to African American ex-patriates who fled the U.S. and lived in France to escape American discrimination and injustices.  The students visited the suburban home of the late entertainer Josephine Baker, Versailles Palace, and the Louvre Museum.  They also took a cruise of the River Seine and visited the Eiffel Tower as well as several of the cities’ neighborhoods such as Montmarte and Goutte D’Or.  Many visited Amsterdam, Barcelona, London, and Rome on their free day.  The course will be offered every year during spring break. For more information,visit our website, YouTube page, or contact Dr. Austin at