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Portrait of Mark Kaplan

Alumni Profile: Mark Kaplan ’88

Lawyer, Gator, Policymaker Ask any Floridian who survived the 2004 hurricane season, and you will get an earful about the epic quartet of storms that ravaged the state. Mark Kaplan ’88 rapid-fires, without a breath: “Charley, Frances, Ivan, Jeanne — but who’s counting?” Kaplan, who had previously worked for several years as a lawyer in […]

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Alumni Profile — James Grippando ’80, JD’82

Author James Grippando ’80, JD’82 won the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction in 2017 for his novel Gone Again.

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Donor Profile — John Welsh ’75

A restauranteur with a Texas-sized love for Russian gives back to Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

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Alumni News

Christian Ahihou (PhD ’12) Christian is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah) where he enjoys interacting with his students while transmitting to them his knowledge of the French language and also sharing with them his passion of French and Francophone cultures. Affiliated to the Global Women Studies Program and the […]

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Around 5 p.m. in downtown Washington, D.C., the city hits quitting time. Professionals stream out of large office buildings and many head to into the Capital’s (arguably) favorite pastime: happy hour. J.R. Denson ’09 (Spanish BA with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language) leaves his work as a health policy analyst and […]

Head shot of Chip Kunde

Alumni Profile — Chip Kunde ’87

A Compelling Advocate Even during his childhood, Chip Kunde ’87 had a love of politics, government, and history. “But little kids don’t think about becoming lobbyists when they grow up,” he says. “Actually, I wanted to be an architect, then I realized it required math.” Chip Kunde urges students to be involved outside of the […]

group of students standing on golden stairs holding trophies

Mock Trial Mavens

UF’s LitiGators win major national tournaments. UF’s Mock Trial team, the LitiGators, celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2017 in grand style — by having its winningest year in the team’s history, placing in several regional meets. In only its second trip to nationals, the LitiGators placed 8th out of the 48 top teams at the […]

portrait of Nick Nyiragongo sitting on a bench in front of a pit of fire

Renaissance Man

This geographer does it all. Nick Dowhaniuk PhD’21 has a shaded illustration of the Virunga Mountains, a chain of volcanoes in East Africa, tattooed on his forearm. “Ever since I went to Africa, I fell in love with it,” he says. He once lived at the base of the mountains and got the tattoo to […]

underwater photo of happy dolphin smiling

Playtime with Moonshine

Moonshine the dolphin is a special cetacean. Although a chronic liver problem has confined him to human care for the rest of his life, an interdisciplinary team that includes UF professor of psychology Nicole Dorey and alumna Barbara Perez ’14 has developed an enrichment program that includes several custom-made toys. The study, published on Oct. […]

oil painting of kindly elderly man with brown skin and kufi cap

The Legend in the Loam

Two UF alumni archaeologists unearth the home and legend of a freed African Muslim slave who became a financier in Georgetown at the turn of the 19th century.

smiling grandfatherly man in suit sits on bench outside statuesque collegiate building

Civic Champion

Learn more about former Florida Governor and Senator Bob Graham and the UF center that carries on his legacy.

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A Most Excellent Evening

On April 21, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences launched an awards program to recognize the achievements and dedication of alumni, faculty, students, and staff in Emerson Alumni Hall.

well dressed man leans on railing with ocean behind him

Entrepreneurs and Innovators — Mike Neal

CEO and co-founder of DecisionNext, a San Francisco–based company that builds prescriptive analytics solutions for commodities-driven industries, discusses building a business.