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Two biology faculty and staff members coauthor new book, Getting In

David G. Oppenheimer, associate professor, and, Paris H. Grey, coordinator of research programs, have published Getting In: The Insider’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Undergraduate Research Experience, which is available at ( As medical and graduate admissions committees continue to place a high value on research experiences, undergraduate research positions are becoming more competitive. In Getting In, Oppenheimer and Grey help undergrads decide which research positions to pursue, how to contact potential mentors, nail interviews, and ultimately choose the perfect research experience. Getting In provides new researchers with the tools they need to manage their time inside and outside the lab. The book also includes an overview of what to expect from a research experience. In addition to the book, Oppenheimer and Grey created several social media channels including Instagram (@undergradinthelab and @youinthelab), Twitter, Facebook, and a blog, which provide advice, tips, and useful lab hacks for novice and experienced researchers alike.