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Center Launches Women’s Studies Major Ambassador Program

The inaugural cohort of Women’s Studies Ambassadors
The inaugural cohort of Women’s Studies Ambassadors (from left to right): Skylar McIlvanie (’20), Ashley Marceus (’19), and Priya Gurjar (’19) at Social Justice Career Day, March 18, 2019

An exciting development in the Center this year was that we established the Women’s Studies Major Ambassador program. Women’s Studies Major ambassadors are selected based on their excellent academic and professional record. They gain valuable professional development experience by working with Center faculty and staff to advance the academic mission of the Center and representing the major to students, faculty, and the community. The ambassadors meet these objectives by serving as peer advisors, publicizing information about the major, promoting Center programs, and serving as hosts at Center functions. They can also propose their own creative initiatives. Our inaugural cohort of Women’s Studies Major Ambassadors, Priya Gurjar, Ashley Marceus, and Skylar McIlvanie, proved invaluable this year in recruiting new Women’s Studies majors and spreading the word about Center programming.