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Golden Years

Carolyn Tucker's initiative empowers elders to improve their mental, physical and spiritual health.

Ytori Fall 2019 Featured Story

Reimagining the Humanities

Now in its second decade, the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere is bringing disciplines together to tackle grand-challenge questions.

Petty Disputes, Serious Study

Professor of Linguistics Diana Boxer put Thanksgiving quarrels to good use in a new study focused on bickering.

2020 College Teaching/Advising Award Winners Revealed

The college-wide awards honor those who make a difference in students' lives.

Zika Epidemic Likely Suppressed Dengue in Latin America

Researchers from the Department of Biology describe how dengue was likely suppressed to abnormally low levels in Latin America in the years following the Zika epidemic.

The Writing Life

The University of Florida’s creative writing program nurtures and pushes its graduate students.

Taking Ebola’s Measure

New research by the Department of Mathematics Distinguished Visiting Professor Burton Singer quantifies how civil disruption and violence has unraveled Ebola control measures in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A Rearranging Earth Was Bad News for Dinosaurs

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of what happened to dinosaurs in North China.

Jack Davis

Dr. Jack E. Davis selected as recipient of 2019 Andrew Carnegie fellowship

We would like to congratulate Dr. Jack E. Davis for being selected as one of the recipients for the 2019 Andrew Carnegie fellowship award. Overall, Dr. Davis was one of the thirty-two fellows out of 300 nominations  selected for this prestigious award.

Pau da Lima, Salvador, Brazil

Dengue immunity may buffer against Zika, study finds

In the epicenter of the Zika epidemic in northeast Brazil, 73 percent of people living in an urban slum in Salvador were infected in 2015. However, in this highly affected population, those with immunity to dengue, a genetically similar virus, had a reduced risk of infection with Zika. University of Florida epidemiologist Derek Cummings is […]

The yellow-bellied sea snake is the only pelagic species in the order Squamata (snakes and lizards).

Sea Snakes That Can’t Drink Seawater

Surrounded by salty water, sea snakes sometimes live a thirsty existence. Previously, scientists thought that they were able to drink seawater, but recent research has shown that they need to access freshwater. A new study published in PLOS ONE on Feb. 7 and led by Harvey Lillywhite, professor of biology of the University of Florida, […]

Sahara Desert Sunset

Writing Across the Sahara

UF professor receives NEH fellowship to research under-studied African writing traditions

Space Image

UF astronomer joins team of researchers studying black hole mergers

At the center of almost every galaxy, there is a gigantic black hole, a massive marker of a star’s collapse into infinite density. Akin to the comparably infinitesimal cell, the black hole is the “nucleus” of the galaxy. When galaxies collide and merge, their black holes unleash ripples in the form of gravitational waves. The […]