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  • Dragging Language Textbooks into the Digital Age

    Professor Gillian Lord has co-created an all-digital, low-cost Spanish language program that looks to give students have a more relevant, meaningful experience in class. Read more "Dragging Language Textbooks into the Digital Age"

  • The Writing Life

    The University of Florida’s creative writing program nurtures and pushes its graduate students. Read more "The Writing Life"

  • Taking Ebola’s Measure

    New research by the Department of Mathematics Distinguished Visiting Professor Burton Singer quantifies how civil disruption and violence has unraveled Ebola control measures in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more "Taking Ebola’s Measure"

  • A Rearranging Earth Was Bad News for Dinosaurs

    Scientists have unraveled the mystery of what happened to dinosaurs in North China. Read more "A Rearranging Earth Was Bad News for Dinosaurs"

  • Could Humans Regenerate Teeth like Sharks?

    New research into the similarities between shark and human teeth shows humans have more potential to regrow teeth than previously believed. Read more "Could Humans Regenerate Teeth like Sharks?"