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Summer 2019

The Asian citrus psyllid insect transmits the bacterium which causes citrus greening, a disease that has devastated Florida’s citrus industry.

Where the Oranges Aren’t so Orange

A new study by UF medical geographer Sadie Ryan maps risk areas for citrus greening and provides critical information for citrus production and crop management moving forward.

Panorama of volcanic mountain full of colorful minerals in Iceland

Looking Deep Inside the Ancient Earth

With a mathematical time machine, UF Geologist Alessandro Forte and his collaborators reconstructed what the Earth's interior looked like 55 million years ago.

The crystal structure of human ADAR, where dysregulation by Zika may lead to neurological damage

Corrupting the Immune System

New research from members of the Department of Biology at UF could help us to better understand Zika.

Portrait of Uwem Akpan

Renowned Author Joins UF

Get to know Assistant Professor of English and author Uwem Akpan.


Stand Up and Holler

UF's campus-wide fundraising event raised over $12 million thanks to dedicated donors and alumni.

John Nelson

Civil Rights Bootcamp

The Samuel Proctor Oral History Program hosted visiting West Point cadets for a crash course in racial equality, led by civil rights movement veterans and activists.

Carolyn Luysterburg

The Next Generation

Alum shares where her love of geology came from and how she's worked to spread the Gator Nation.