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Winter 2016

gorilla sits in foliage

Mass Extinction: Are We Next?

Biologist Todd Palmer says the countdown clock has started. In the movie Avatar, so many magnificent animals have gone extinct that scientists can only study them virtually. This environmentally ravaged Earth is set in the near future, in the year 2154, but according to University of Florida biologist Todd Palmer, our Earth in 2016 is […]

Photo of Dean Dave Richardson teaching a chemistry class.

Dean Dave Richardson

Your Journey Begins Here When Dave Richardson, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, addressed the Class of 2019 at Convocation last August, he shared stories about jobs he had in high school and college — flipping burgers, bagging groceries, digging ditches, baling hay, and feeding pigs. From these experiences, he said, he […]

Portrait of Mick Aschoff

Alumni Profile — Mick Aschoff

The Art of Giving Mick Aschoff ’71 has an undergraduate degree in art from the University of Florida and an MBA in finance, as well as a professional certification in computer applications and information systems, from New York University. He speaks three languages and has worked around the world in various fields, including hospital administration, […]

Van Truong standing next to her starry night artwork on a library whiteboard

Student Profile — Van Truong

Intrepid When she was three, Van Truong ’17 often slipped out of her parents’ house in their village of Hue, Vietnam, ambling into the homes of family and friends. Truong has been stepping out of her comfort zone for quite a while. In 2014, after her freshman year at UF, Truong set off for a […]

Photo of Professor Sid homan reading a book.

Faculty Profile — Sidney Homan

Blue-Collar Scholar English Professor Sidney Homan never imagined his blue-collar childhood in South Philadelphia would lead to his career as a Shakespearean scholar. Until fate – in the form of his mother — intervened and secured him an interview at Princeton, Homan expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. “My father worked hard installing phones […]

closeup of human skull

Tales Teeth Can Tell

Dental enamel reveals surprising migration patterns in ancient Indus civilizations. University of Florida researchers have discovered that ancient peoples in the Indus Valley did not stay put, as was previously thought. Equally surprising is how they found out: by examining 4,000-year-old teeth. As tooth enamel forms, it incorporates elements from the local environment. When the […]

soldiers wade out of sea onto Normandy Beach

War Stories

UF is a top contributor to Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project. World War II veteran Frank Towers landed on Utah Beach shortly after D-Day, survived the frigid nights of the Battle of the Bulge, and participated in the liberation of thousands of Jews headed to the death camps just before that terrible war ended […]