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A summer trip to Spain with her high school’s Language Club “changed everything” for Crystal Marull: her desire to be able to return to Spain eventually led her to select Boston University for college. Crystal participated in their study abroad program in Madrid twice as an undergraduate, and she was invited after graduation to serve […]

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Transformative Topographies

UF anthropologist studies the lives of Peruvians who provide transportation through a post-war terrain. Richard Kernaghan, associate professor of anthropology, has received a fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies to pursue his new book project, Semblance in Terrain: On the Legal Topographies of Postwar, in Peru’s Upper Huallaga Valley. Expanding upon the work […]

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A Man for All Seasons

UF’s beloved historian Michael Gannon passed in April. Michael Gannon PhD’62, who taught at UF for more than 30 years, passed away on April 10 at age 89. Gannon was nationally recognized for his research into the establishment of colonial Spanish Florida, including the introduction of Catholicism — and Christianity as a whole — to […]

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Faculty Profile — Maia Martcheva

Mathematical Biologist As the daughter of biologists, Professor Maia Martcheva grew up in an academic environment in Bulgaria. “I spent my childhood in labs, going to conferences, listening to talks,” she says. She also knew what she wanted to study by age 16. She remembers studying models for chemistry and physics and asked her teacher […]

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LIGO Gators

David Reitze gives back to UF Physics. David Reitze, executive director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) at Caltech, is one of three winners of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences Award for Scientific Discovery, a prize comprising $50,000 cash and $50,000 to support the recipients’ research. Now, Reitze has given back part of […]

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We’d Like to Thank the Academy

UF scientists awarded NAS membership. Besides a passion for research and a sense of humor, UF physicist Art Hebard and UF plant biologist Doug Soltis share one other thing: membership in the National Academy of Sciences. The Academy recognizes top achievement in and devotion to one’s field in selecting its members, who are scientific consultants […]

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A Route to Recovery

UF psychologist Lori Knackstedt studies an antibiotic that may cure cocaine addiction. Lori Knackstedt, professor of psychology, is seven years deep into research that’s yielded some surprising results: in cocaine-addicted rats, an antibiotic reduces their drug-seeking behavior and may prevent relapse. The drug Ceftriaxone appears to increase reuptake of glutamate, a neurotransmitter that regulates dopamine, […]

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From K–T to Kermit

Among UF’s renowned team of extinction experts is David Blackburn, whose appreciation for frogs has led to his work on a groundbreaking new study. A paper published in July in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that although frogs have been around for longer than dinosaurs, most of the world’s 6,700-plus living species of frogs evolved after a mass extinction 66 million years ago made way for new biodiversity.

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The Sound of Silence

Victoria Emma Pagán of UF Classics publishes new book about Roman historian Tacitus.

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Third Time’s a Charm

LIGO detects third set of gravitational waves from colliding black holes. UF physicists have played a key role in these detections.

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Conservation Clues

Extinction detective Bob Holt tracks down the likely culprit behind ecological crises.

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More than Skin Deep

Racism is real and stress is not just all in your head.