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Photo of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey telescope against the dusk.

Recent Discovery Questions the Origins of the Universe

Astronomers find the first binary–binary. Everything we know about the formation of solar systems might be wrong, say Professor of Astronomy Jian Ge and postdoc Bo Ma. They’ve discovered the first “binary–binary,” or two massive companions around one star in a close binary system — one so-called giant planet (12 times the mass of Jupiter) […]

illustration of dengue virus

Most dengue infections transmitted in or near home

Study findings could aid in interrupting transmission chains and reducing severe illness The majority of dengue virus infections appear to happen very close to home and are transmitted from the same family of mosquitoes, suggests new research led by the University of Florida and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The findings, published […]

illustration of double helix with genetic sequence in background

Three Biology Faculty Named AAAS Fellows

Every year since 1874, the American Academy for the Advancement of Science names its fellows for significant contributions to society and technology. In 2016, its 391 fellows included five UF faculty, three of whom are from the Department of Biology: Prof. John “Jack” Ewel, Prof. Alice Harmon, and Prof. Robert D. Holt.   Holt, Eminent […]

UF poli sci faculty standing in Harn gallery

UF’s Department of Political Science Partners with the Harn Museum of Art to Unite Arts and Sciences

The University of Florida has one of the best art museums on a college campus, yet many faculty members don’t know about it, let less find ways to incorporate art into their curricula. On Dec. 9, 2016, faculty of the Department of Political Science did just that by participating in a half-day retreat at the […]

aerial view of crossroads in Nicaragua

Professor of Political Science Receives National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship

Professor Leslie Elin Anderson investigates Nicaraguan politics. Professor of Political Science Leslie Elin Anderson has received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities for her book project, Democratic Enclaves in Times of Trouble: The Politics of Resistance in Nicaragua. The fellowship is part of the NEH’s $16.3 million awarded in this grant cycle. […]

zoomed in part of the cover of Debating the Truth

Settling a 13th-century Theological Debate?

Nina Caputo, an associate professor in history, collaborated with illustrator Liz Clarke to create the first medieval graphic history.

Kevin Knudson points to math equation written on chalkboard

Pop Quiz

It's pop quiz time!

Rosetta Stone

Does Rosetta Stone Work?

UF’s Gillian Lord conducts the first study comparing learning Spanish in the classroom and from the popular language program.

Zika virus

Global Issues — Ten Things to Know about Zika

UF’s Emerging Pathogens Institute (EPI) is on the front lines of defense against Zika, which has traveled through Central America into the United States, with the first Florida cases in July 2016.

rendering of matter sucked into black hole

The Big Chirp

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, has detected two “chirps” of gravitational waves — a cute phrase for an epic cosmic event, the merger and collapse of two black holes.

The Field Museum partnered with Off Color Brewing to produce Wari, a beer named for its ancient creators. Wari, shown here surrounded by purple corn and pink peppercorns has a 4.0% ABV and IBU of about 3.

Old Family Recipe — Really, Really Old

UF anthropologists collaborate to recreate an ancient Peruvian beer.

Amy Hempel stands in front of bookcase

Gone to the Dogs

For fictionist Amy Hempel, life in the liminal exists among writing, teaching and animal rescue.