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Photo of Tom Bianchi kneeling next to Lake Alice.

Geology Professor Honored at AGU Meeting

Thomas S. Bianchi, the Jon L. and the Beverly A. Thompson Endowed Chair of Geological Sciences, was honored at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meeting in December 2019 as an AGU Fellow.

This award is given to AGU members who have made exceptional scientific contributions and gained prominence in their respective fields of Earth and space sciences. Established in 1962, the fellow program recognizes no more than 0.1 percent of total membership annually.

“It is very humbling to be awarded such an honor, which I share with students, postdocs, and other collaborators, who have been critical in allowing our work to be recognized by such an esteemed group of scientists,” Bianchi said.

Bianchi joined a diverse and distinguished group of AGU Fellows selected from 12 different countries.

Bianchi was honored at the Fall 2019 AGU meeting.

“The remarkable scholarship of the AGU 2019 Fellows is helping advance our understanding of our complex planet and the planetary space around us. Their discoveries are key foundations to the knowledge that will underpin our future sustainability on this planet and beyond,” said Robin Bell, AGU President. “The rich diversity of this year’s Fellows exemplifies the cutting-edge scholarship, deep knowledge and boundless scientific curiosity that characterizes AGU global membership or more than 60,000. We are honored to welcome these 62 scientists as AGU Fellows for their critical contributions to Earth and Space Science.”

Bianchi, who also recently edited a volume in the Harte Research Institute’s series on the Gulf of Mexico — Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota: Volume 5, Chemical Oceanography — specializes in biogeochemistry and the processing of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in coastal, oceanic, estuarine, and riverine environments. To learn more about his work and how it intersects with climate change, click here.