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New Faculty and Research


Image of Dr. Cherie Bond

Dr. Cherie Bond, Lecturer. Dr. Bond brings a wealth of teaching experience to Biology! Her specialties are genetics and cell biology, both face to face and online.


Image of Dr. Connie Rich

Dr. Connie Rich, Lecturer. Dr. Rich is contributing both in the classroom, specializing in physiology and development, and beyond! Dr. Rich is our new experiential learning coordinator and brings to the position her experiences of living in the U.K.


Image of Dr. Gareth Fraser


Dr. Gareth Fraser, Assistant Professor. Dr. Fraser studies the evolution and development of vertebrates, mainly fishes. One of his specialties is understanding how animals like sharks develop and continuously regenerate their teeth.


Image of Dr. Hua Yan


Dr. Hua Yan, Assistant Professor. Dr. Yan studies the molecular regulation of neural development and plasticity in social animals. He is using ants to understand how neurons and neural circuits are established, maintained, and even altered in response to social cues.



Dr. Nick Keiser, Assistant Professor. Dr. Keiser studies how animal behavior influences infectious disease dynamics, focusing on various invertebrate systems like social spiders, ants, and flies.


Image of Dr. Ana Longo


Dr. Ana Longo, Assistant Professor. Dr. Longo studies global amphibian declines due to fungal infectious diseases. She wants to understand differences in susceptibility by identifying ecological factors and evolutionary processes that affect host–parasite interactions.