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News From Our Alumni: Junie Dalice

Junie DaliceJunie Dalice (May 2019) | French major

Moving to Washington state was a very big and challenging change for me. From the weather to the people and the hills. However I love it here. Contrary to what people say the weather is great I even breathe better. The people have been amazing so far. I met a lot of French people in Seattle it’s always a pleasure to speak with them. I’m looking forward to visit the cities that surrounds WA this winter (Vancouver, Portland etc.)

Working at the Attorney’s General Office has been great so far. Working as a Legal Assistant allows me to learn so much before I venture into law school, I have a lot to learn but I have a great team helping me. My coworkers love the fact that they have a french speaker in the office. I find myself  teaching them some french expressions from time to time.