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For this issue’s program spotlight, we take you to Seville, Spain and let you experience the first-hand reflection of Karla Geigel, who participated in this program in Summer 2018.

A Gator in Seville

“My decision to study abroad in Seville, Spain, was the best decision I could have made for myself. I got to fully embrace and experience the culture of Spain as I stayed with a host family, took classes, and explored cities in the south of Spain.

My favorite excursion was an overnight trip we took about halfway through the program to Córdoba and Granada. Our first stop, Córdoba was gorgeous. Not only did i have the best café con leche that I think I have ever tasted, but we also got to see one of the most unique cathedrals that Spain has to offer. Before the Christians conquered Spain, the country was primarily inhabited by Muslims, and that history is evident throughout Córdoba, where many of today’s cathedrals were previously mosques. We visited one called “La Mezquita,” which had some of the most stunning architecture I have ever seen. The drastic differences in style and building material are a testament to its history as a mosque and later a cathedral.

We then went to Granada, where we enjoyed the mountains and vistas of beautiful southern Spain. One of the most incredible palaces I have ever seen, the Alhambra, rests in the middle of these mountains. The history of the city, the palace, and the opportunity to see a real flamenco show added to the overall experience of learning Spanish language and culture while in Spain.

As a science major it was wonderful to learn about something outside of what I’m used to and to get to experience it all in person. Living abroad for 6 weeks and getting to interact with the local sevillanos through activities, classes or pick-up soccer games, is something I would choose to do over and over again.”