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Spanish and Portuguese Studies Awards 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 award winners!

Program Spotlight: UF Online, Joshua Belanger

Joshua Belanger (CLAS 2018) embodies why alternative pathways to education, such as UF Online, are so valuable to our larger Gator community.

Curriculum Spotlight

Take a look at some of the exciting programs and classes in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies.

Efraín Barradas

Faculty Spotlight: Efraín Barradas

A tribute to retiring professor Dr. Efraín Barradas, written by his former student, Dr. Antonio Sajid López.

David Vazquez and Ana Maria

Alumni Spotlight

Learn more about alumni Dr. Ana María Díaz-Collazos and Dr. David Vásquez-Hurtado.

Student Spotlight: Melany Vergara

Get to know graduate student Melany Vergara.

Imanol Suárez-Palma

Faculty Spotlight: SPS Welcomes Imanol Suárez-Palma

Join us in welcoming new faculty member Imanol Suárez-Palma.

Faculty Spotlight: SPS Welcomes Paola Uparela

Assistant Professor of Hispanic Literature Paola Uparela recently received her PhD in Spanish from the University of Notre Dame.

Quinn Hansen

Faculty Spotlight: SPS Welcomes Quinn Hansen

Welcome to new faculty member Quinn Hansen.

Lorena Ferrando

Faculty Spotlight: SPS Welcomes Lorena Albert Ferrando

Get to know lecturer Lorena Albert Ferrando.

Alumna Spotlight: Alexis Lambert

Alumna Alexis Lambert has used her Spanish skills to succeed in a competitive job market and make a real difference in people's lives.

Curriculum Spotlight – Portuguese

Professor Libby Ginway first piloted a class on favelas — Brazil’s low-income communities — in summer 2010, and nine years later the course is still going strong.


PROGRAM PROFILE: Major Curricular Reform

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies is excited to announce the development of a brand new major, effective Fall 2019, which will be replacing the two current majors (Spanish, Portuguese) offered by SPS. The BA in Hispanic and Latin American Languages, Literatures and Linguistics includes three possible tracks for students: 1) Spanish; 2) Portuguese; […]