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Press Release

What Happens When the Sea Turtles Come Back?

New research takes a look at the impact green sea turtles are having on their environment.

What Greenland’s Streams Tell Us About Climate Change

A team of UF researchers received $2.2 million from the National Science Foundation to study streams formed by melting glaciers.

Katy Serafin

Geography Professor Analyzes Impact of San Francisco Bay Area Coastal Flooding on Commutes

Geography professor Katy Serafin projects how coastal flooding will impact commutes in the San Francisco Bay Area over the next 20 years.

Amy Williams

Professor Amy Williams Discusses Next Mars Rover Mission in NASA Video

Professor Amy Williams from the Department of Geological Sciences was interviewed by NASA Astrobiology for its “Countdown to Mars” video series.

wei david wei

Can Sunlight Solve the Global Energy Crisis?

New research from professor Wei David Wei makes the case that using sunlight to promote chemical reactions could be a unique way to address the global energy crisis.

HTV-9 launch

Aboard the International Space Station, Super-Resolution Camera to Capture Images of Earth

A UF Astronomy team's camera can capture a snapshot of the entire Earth in half an hour.

How Genetics Guide the Evolution of Language

UF Linguist Kevin Tang's research adds a new dimension to our understanding of language change.

Guinea Pig

Uncovering the Origin of the Domesticated Guinea Pig

New sheds light on how guinea pigs came to be found around the world and offers tantalizing clues for how they came to be domesticated.

Milk Pioneers

Research by anthropology professor Katherine Grillo sheds a light on human evolution.

Tree on Barro Colorado Island

Protecting Tropical Forests by Predicting their Growth

A digital model makes it possible to effectively manage the regrowth of these essential ecosystems.

the moon's history

New Research Provides a Clearer View of the Moon’s History

Geology professor Stephen Elardo's research shines new light on how the Moon developed.

Why do Sea Turtles Consume Plastic? Blame the Smell

New research finds a surprising reason for why sea turtles consume plastic debris.

Physics Professor Bartos Named 2020 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow

Imre Bartos probes gravitational wave surges, a topic that has exploded with intriguing questions in the last five years.