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Spring 2018

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Yorùbá Studies Review

Volume 2 : Number 2 : Spring 2018 ISSN 2473-4713   The Yorùbá Studies Review is a refereed biannual journal dedicated to the study of the experience of the Yorùbá peoples and their descendants globally. The journal covers all aspects of the Yorùbá transnational, national, and regional presence, both in their West Africa’s homeland and […]

Melting point of traditional architecture

Palace Courtyards in Iléṣà: A Melting Point of Traditional Yorùbá Architecture

Stephen Fọlárànmí Ọbáfémi AwólỌ̀wọ̀ University, Nigeria Babásẹhìndè Adémúlẹyá Ọbáfémi AwólỌ̀wọ̀ University, Nigeria Abstract The Yorùbá courtyard is an important architectural space in traditional Yorùbá architecture that has not received adequate scholarly attention. This paper examines the courtyards in the palace of certain chiefs and Ọwá Obòkun in Iléṣà, in southwest Nigeria. Fieldwork identified […]

Yoruba drum ensemble

Èdè Àyàn: The Language of Àyàn in Yorùbá Art and Ritual of Egúngún

Oláwọlé Fámúlẹ̀ University of Wisconsin-Superior Kò séṇ í m’èdè Àyàn B í e ṇ í m ú k ò ṇ̀ g ó ̣ è ̣ l ó ẉ ó ̣ No one understands the language of Àyàn Better than the drummer who holds the gong in his hand – Yorùbá maxim From the Yorùbá […]

Healthcare delivery in Yoruba

Healthcare Delivery among Yoruba Bonesetters in Southwest Nigeria and the Need for Collaboration with Orthodox Orthopedic Healthcare Services: A Mixed Method Study

Soladoye S. Asa Department of Demography and Social Statistics, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria; Matthew O. Ilori African Institute for Science Policy and Innovation, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria Lawrence A. Akinyoola Department of Surgery and Orthopaedic, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria Abstract This study covers three purposively chosen states; Ogun, […]

Yoruba healing system

The Survival of the Yorùbá Healing Systems in the Modern Age

Ilesanmi Akanmidu Paul Department of History and International Studies Adekunle Ajasin University Akiungba-Akoko, Nigeria Abstract This study investigates the philosophy and tradition of the Yorùbá healing system and the reasons for its survival into the modern age. The introduction of western-style healthcare by missionaries—which became consolidated under colonial rule, from any point of view […]

African philosophical traditions

Language and the African Philosophical Traditions

Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá Department of Philosophy Howard University Washington, DC Abstract Are there universal principles, categories, or forms of reasoning that apply to all aspects of human experience—irrespective of culture and epoch? Numerous scholars have explored this very question from Africana perspectives: Kwasi Wiredu (1996) explored the philosophical issue of whether there are culturally defined […]


Constructing Identities: Amos Tutuola and the Ibadan Literary Elite in the wake of Nigerian Independence

Mackenzie Finley Department of History University of Texas at Austin Abstract With Nigerian novelist Amos Tutuola as primary subject, this paper attempts to understand the construction of sociocultural identities in Nigeria in the wake of independence. Despite the international success of his literary publications, Tutuola was denied access to the most intimate discourses on […]


The Transition from Yorùbá Metaphysics to Islamic Aesthetics in Ọláńrewájú Adépọ̀jù’s Poetry

Stephen Toyin Ogundipe Department of English Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.; Abstract This paper explores the poetry of Ọláńrewájú Adépọ̀jù, a major contemporary Yorùbá poet, based in Ibadan, southwestern Nigeria. Much of the scholarship on the poet focuses purely on his sociopolitical interest, but the development of his craft has been largely ignored. […]

nigerian people

Dialetics and Structural Organization in the Ẹ̀bìbì Festival Performances of the Ẹ̀pẹ́ People in Lagos State, Nigeria

Babatunde Olanrewaju Adebua Babcock University, Nigeria Mobolanle Ebunoluwa Sotunsa Babcock University, Nigeria Abstract There is growing interest in the study of festivals by literary scholars in African orature. In Nigeria, the festival resources of the Ìjèḅ ú in southwestern Nigeria, specifically the Èḅ ìbì festival, has been given cursory multi-disciplinary attention in areas […]

Yoruba marketing video film industry

Social Media Marketing in the Yorùbá Video Film Industry

Olagoke Alamu Ekiti State University, Nigeria. Email: Abstract The thrust of this paper is the critical evaluation of the level of acceptance of social media marketing in the Yorùbá film industry. In this age of globalization, many film marketers across the world have abandoned traditional media in favor of online forms of communication, which […]

African man on couch

Individualism, Communitarianism and African Philosophy: A Review Essay on Exploring the Ethics of Individualism and Communitarianism

Enoch Olujide Gbadegesin, Yunusa Kehinde Salami and Kola Abimbola A collection of critical essays on Professor Segun Gbadegesin, one of the most preeminent figures in African philosophy, is by no mean an insignificant feat. This is all the more so because the volume has the objective of achieving a multidisciplinary interrogation of Gbadegesin’s philosophical oeuvre. […]

Yoruba art

Rowland Abiodun Yoruba Art and Language: Seeking the African in African Art

Cambridge University Press, New York, 2014, 386p. Four essays presented at a Roundtable on the book during 2016 African Studies Association (ASA) conference. Ẹlẹ́nu Rírì ati Àmù Ìyá Rẹ̀.1 Mọyọ̀ṣọ́rẹ Òkédìjí University of Texas, Austin Ar̀ òko ̣ yi ̀i ́ sẹ aỳ eẁ ̣ ò i ̀di ́ abájo ̣ ti ́ ọ̀ro,̀ […]

Figure 2: Gbárìyẹ̀ Onígba Awẹ́

Yoruba Epistemology, Art, Language and the Universe of Meanings: A Meta-Analysis

Michael O. Afolayan Independent Researcher Òṣogbo, Nigeria Introduction I had the rare privilege of delivering in proxy the original paper of Professor Moyo Okediji at the African Studies Association meeting, where it was first presented on December 2, 2016. Although short in quantity, I consider it to be loaded in quality, contents, intents, intensities, […]