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Ytori Spring 2017

Closeup of swimming alligator

From the Dean

Dean David E. Richardson introduces readers to the Spring 2017 issue of Ytori.

hands holding small turtle with two crabs tucked into its shell by its hind flippers

Crab Love in the Garbage Patch

Joseph Pfaller and Michael Gil have led several projects that culminated in an intriguing finding: crabs exhibit different mating behavior when living tucked below the carapace of a loggerhead turtle than in a nest of plastic.

illustration of person looking through giant magnifying glass at a globe

Conservation Clues

Extinction detective Bob Holt tracks down the likely culprit behind ecological crises.

illustration of silhouetted figure against hand with DNA emblems

More than Skin Deep

Racism is real and stress is not just all in your head.

collage of faces of different ethnicities

Biased? Who? Me?

Professor of Psychology and Executive Director of Project Implicit Kate Ratliff says many people do not recognize their own bias.

closeup of mosquito sucking blood

Global Issues — Bug Zappers

Liberal Arts and Sciences investigators at UF’s Emerging Pathogens Institute are here to rid the world of dangerous microbes, wielding state-of-the-art technology with their scientific toolkits of electronic tracking, computer analysis, and petri dishes!

young woman holding backpack and leaning against boulder

Extracurricular — Alinda Saintval

Alinda Saintval ’19 is a zoology and visual arts studies major, who has parlayed her passion and talent for art into an enterprise painting personalized backpacks.

Hernandez Hall at night with lights gleaming

Corner of Buckman Drive and University Avenue

Joseph Hernandez Hall, the university’s new chemistry/chemical biology building, is a testament to science, technology, and tenacity.

portrait of Joe Hernandez in front of buckball sculpture

Strong Pillars

The namesake of Joseph Hernandez Hall says chemistry and biology support the foundation of his career in science.

Leigh Hall with sun breaking over it

We Have Great Chemistry

UF chemistry graduates go on to start businesses, invent molecules, become doctors, change people’s lives. Meet 10 of them now.

Fred Thurston ’76, DDS’79

Meet Fred Thurston '76, DDS'79.

Joy Mendez PhD’99

Get to know Joy Mendez '99.

Gene Inman PhD’82

Meet Gene Inman PhD'82.