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Chemistry Alumni

Fred Thurston ’76, DDS’79

Meet Fred Thurston '76, DDS'79.

Joy Mendez PhD’99

Get to know Joy Mendez '99.

Gene Inman PhD’82

Meet Gene Inman PhD'82.

Marilyn Black M’71

If you’re sick of housework or your job makes you crazy, it might be something in the air. So learned Marilyn Black M'71, who studied why office workers were mysteriously becoming sick in the 1980s.

Thomas Barton PhD’67

Thomas Barton PhD'67 did not intend to study chemistry.

Robert Kincart ’72

For Robert Kincart '72 a career in chemistry was almost inevitable.

Robert Grubbs ’63 M’65

A two-time Gator, Robert Grubbs ’63, M’65, switched from agricultural sciences to organic chemistry as an undergraduate and hasn’t looked back.

Dr. Kathy Fields ’79

Dr. Kathy Fields created Proactiv, the leading OTC acne medication.

A.R. Ravishankara PhD’75

UF chemistry alumnus A.R. Ravishankara played an instrumental role in helping mitigate the greenhouse effect with one discovery.

Nancy Crews ’70

Nancy P. Crews ’70 was a psychology major who discovered chemistry through a core curriculum introductory class at UF.