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Jack Davis

Dr. Jack E. Davis selected as recipient of 2019 Andrew Carnegie fellowship

We would like to congratulate Dr. Jack E. Davis for being selected as one of the recipients for the 2019 Andrew Carnegie fellowship award. Overall, Dr. Davis was one of the thirty-two fellows out of 300 nominations  selected for this prestigious award.

Pau da Lima, Salvador, Brazil

Dengue immunity may buffer against Zika, study finds

In the epicenter of the Zika epidemic in northeast Brazil, 73 percent of people living in an urban slum in Salvador were infected in 2015. However, in this highly affected population, those with immunity to dengue, a genetically similar virus, had a reduced risk of infection with Zika. University of Florida epidemiologist Derek Cummings is […]

The yellow-bellied sea snake is the only pelagic species in the order Squamata (snakes and lizards).

Sea Snakes That Can’t Drink Seawater

Surrounded by salty water, sea snakes sometimes live a thirsty existence. Previously, scientists thought that they were able to drink seawater, but recent research has shown that they need to access freshwater. A new study published in PLOS ONE on Feb. 7 and led by Harvey Lillywhite, professor of biology of the University of Florida, […]

Sahara Desert Sunset

Writing Across the Sahara

UF professor receives NEH fellowship to research under-studied African writing traditions

Space Image

UF astronomer joins team of researchers studying black hole mergers

At the center of almost every galaxy, there is a gigantic black hole, a massive marker of a star’s collapse into infinite density. Akin to the comparably infinitesimal cell, the black hole is the “nucleus” of the galaxy. When galaxies collide and merge, their black holes unleash ripples in the form of gravitational waves. The […]

UF Evolutionary Biologist Explores Mystery of Shark Skin Teeth

Divers avoid sharks for the obvious reasons — the teeth in their mouth — but the teeth in shark skin also have a bite. A mere bump can shred an expensive dry suit. Biologists, divers, and shark aficionados know about shark skin teeth, which are called dermal denticles, but little has been known about their […]

Professor Gayle Zachmann Is a Producer of a New Film on French Jew Who Survived the Occupation

The University of Florida Center for Jewish Studies and the Jewish Council of North Central Florida will host a special rough-cut preview of Cojot, a feature-length documentary that follows the life of Michel Cojot-Goldberg, a Nazi hunter, Entebbe hostage, and ultimately, a Klaus Barbie trial witness.

UF biologist joins large-scale collaboration to understand grazing behavior’s effects on biodiversity

Ecological theory holds that plant-hungry creatures help shape ecosystems by mowing down dominant plants that might smother other plants, thus enhancing biodiversity — but only if the area is lush. A new study co-authored by University of Florida biologist Todd Palmer in today’s edition of Nature Ecology & Evolution shows that this widely-believed theory might […]

illustration of neurons interacting

UF professor finds that a common antibiotic has potentially to treat PTSD and addiction.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects 3.5 percent of the U.S. population (compared to 1 percent elsewhere), and the majority of PTSD patients experience substance use disorder. In particular, PSTD and cocaine use disorder tend to be comorbid, with significant overlap between the two disorders. The development of potential medications to treat individuals suffering PTSD, and […]

UF researchers show a correlation between family relationships and blood pressure

Popular wisdom says that strong family relationships provide refuge, comfort, and security. Family protects us, soothes our ills, and calms our fears. Epidemiological studies have drawn a positive correlation between strong family support and physical and mental well-being. Now, a team of researchers at the University of Florida has turned that popular wisdom on its […]

hacker at work with graphic user interface around

Phish in a Barrel

Cyber attacks target the most vulnerable. Somewhere in cyberspace, someone is creeping on your Facebook page, studying your LinkedIn account, scoping out your company’s website, and Googling your name. Using information you trust, she is crafting the perfect email, and it’s headed for your inbox. In one click, a split second, you hand over the […]


A Mellon grant supports discussing tough topics on campus. Most people shy away from conversations about race, religion, and politics, but UF’s Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere (CHPS) is inviting them, among other topics, such as technology, ethics, and social justice. The center recently announced the formation of its inaugural Intersections Research-Into-Teaching […]

rendering of studded round virus

Disease by the Numbers

UF professor uses mathematical models to explain viral dynamics and drug resistance.